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Please note that the "Temple of Ra" has been changed to "Yaaru".  Please follow the link to find out why.  Thank you.





Dedicated to the most wonderful Basenji



CH. Khamsin Dazzling Kobe Kabu

Still missed, always loved.'


1-10-1984 to 2-1-1996



Hello and welcome to the Karabu Basenjis home page!  My name is Michelle
Carter and I got my start in Basenjis in 1987 with the acquisition of
"Amber" who is honored on this page.  She came from the Khamsin Kennels of
Steve and Erin Roberts and was a great introduction to the wonderful world
of Basenjis and we miss her dearly.  She was our foundation and is behind
most of the dogs you'll see on this website.

I have been involved in showing and breeding on a small scale and promote
health and excellent temperaments while striving to breed dogs that adhere
to the standard as set out by the Basenji Club of America.  Due to time and
space limitations I have cut back on breeding recently but am always happy
to talk Basenjis with anyone interested in the breed and am willing to give
breeder referrals on qualified homes.

Please browse around and I hope you enjoy seeing some of the kids that are
featured here!  Please remember to sign the guestbook and visit again for

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